Skip Hire Essex Recycles 85% + of your waste

Recycle:-to treat or process (used or waste materials) so as to make suitable for reuse

At Skip Hire Essex all waste collected by our Skip Hire and Waste Collection Service or via direct delivery is processed and treated at our in-house licensed waste transfer station.

Using mechanical sorting techniques we are able to segregate a large proportion of wastes for recycling and re-use.

Given the escalating costs of waste disposal in the UK due to landfill tax (Presently at £56.00 per tonne) it is vital that waste is treated efficiently to remove the recyclable qualities.

Diverting wastes from landfill not only enables waste management companies to offer a competitive value for money service but in turn benefits the Environment.

The Waste Hierarchy (Waste England and Wales Regulations 2011) places a greater emphasis on waste producers and disposers to recycle and re-use. You can be assured that at Skip Hire Essex we follow best practice to ensure that these requirements are met.

Inert Waste Recycling (Soil, Hardcore, Rubble)

At Skip Hire Essex we segregate inert wastes for re-use and process this material in house.

Mixed waste is processed to remove the various recyclables leaving an inert waste requiring further processing.

The mixed soils and rubble are screened using a trommel (cylindrical) screen to separate the two fractions.

Once separated the soil is exported for re-use, either to be processed further in to a topsoil product or as sub soil for land reinstatement.

The rubble fraction is exported for re-use as roadways, hardstandings or to be crushed in to a usable product.

Metal Recycling (Ferrous & Non Ferrous)

At Skip Hire Essex we segregate all metals from the waste stream for recycling and re-processing.

  • Steel (Various)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Copper Wire
  • Brass

The above metals are re-handled within the transfer station and are exported to metal merchants for re-processing.

Plasterboard & Gypsum Recycling

A total ban on the disposal of plasterboard waste at mixed landfills is in force.

Recycled plasterboard has a high reuse content with up to 97% being suitable for end-users including onward industry use.

Skip Hire Essex can supply specific containers for waste plasterboard and request that where possible plasterboard and gypsum based products are kept separate from other waste streams.

All plasterboard and gypsum based products that enter the transfer station either from our Skip Hire and Waste Clearance services or via direct delivery are segregated and exported to specialist gypsum recycling facilities.

PVC – U Recycling

All PVC-U Frames and doors that we collect are segregated within the Transfer Station and exported to Specialist re-processing facilities for recycling.

PVC-U frames and off-cuts are transferred into an industrial shredder where huge rollers break them up ready for sorting.

Specialist, high spec technology is utilised to pelletise the PVC-U to an outstanding level of purity.

Clean, contamination-free pellets are returned to manufacturing facilities ready for new window fabrication.

Timber & Wood Based Products

Timber and Wood based products form a large proportion of the waste collected by our Skip Hire Service and Waste Clearance Services and via direct delivery to our Transfer Station

All re-usable timber and wood based products are processed and segregated through our in-house Transfer Station and exported to specialist re-processing companies

The waste wood is recycled into products including animal bedding, play areas, equestrian surfaces, panel board feedstock, filter beds and biomass wood chip.

Organics Recycling

At Skip Hire Essex we separate all types of Green Garden Waste for re-processing.

Green Waste is exported to specialist composting facilities where it undergoes the following treatment:-

  • Shredding to gain volume reduction
  • Regular turning to aerate the material through the Sanitisation phase
  • Stabilisation
  • Screening to grade the finished product in to various sizes for re-use.

The Compost made from this process is re-used either in the private and commercial sectors or as a natural fertilizer for arable land.

Cardboard & Paper Recycling

At Skip Hire Essex we segregate the following cardboard and paper products for recycling:

  • Cardboard various
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Loose Office Papers
  • Cardboard based packaging
  • Shredded Paper

The above cardboard and paper products are exported to specialist re-processing facilities for re-use.

Special prices are available for pre segregated cardboard only containers, please speak to one of our sales team on 01277 363161 for further information.


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